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Question: What five technologies moved us forward fastest - that still exist today?

Answer: The radio (audio), camera (Facebook - still pictures scaled), telephone (audio-visual), internet (artificial intelligence), and typewriter (text/software). These technologies involve your ears, eyes, voice, hands, and fingers collectively.

The 1000 Great Minds Plan 76 ESP (Economic Stabilization Plan) $2,000,000 ESP Stipend

Real Estate: The Foundational Strategy to Wealth

1000 Great Minds uses these five technologies to make you rich - using real estate as a primary base. 
"1000 Great Minds" initiative employs various technologies to facilitate the process of helping individuals achieve wealth, primarily by utilizing real estate as a foundational strategy.

Here's a Breakdown of the Key Components to Wealth 

1000 Great Minds: This refers to a collective group or community of individuals who are part of the initiative. The term "Great Minds" implies that these individuals are resourceful, innovative, and capable of contributing to the initiative's success.

Technologies: This refers to modern tools, methods, platforms, or systems that are utilized within the initiative. These technologies could encompass a range of digital tools and resources designed to streamline processes, provide information, enhance communication, and support the overall goals of the initiative.

Making You Rich Deliberately: The central objective of the initiative is to help participants achieve wealth. The emphasis is on the positive outcome of becoming prosperous through the initiative's efforts.

Using Real Estate as a Primary Base: This indicates that the core strategy or foundation for achieving wealth within this initiative is centered around real estate: The New HoWi Moore Nationwide Get a House - Debt Free Program

Real estate trade is one of the core avenues through which participants are expected to attain wealth and stability. In essence, the underlined statement above suggests that the "1000 Great Minds" initiative employs advanced technologies to assist its members in achieving wealth, with a specific focus on leveraging real estate as the primary means to achieve that success.

The idea is that the initiative combines the power of technology and the potential of real estate (home ownership for all) to drive participants toward their wealth-building goals.      

The New HoWi Moore Nationwide Get a House - Debt Free Program

HoWi Moore enables every desiring person in the country - all 3,142 U.S. counties - to get a house - and a car, truck, van or a SUV - Debt Free - No One Turned Down - Everyone Approved.

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The 1000 Great Minds Plan 76 ESP (Economic Stabilization Plan)

The 1000 Great Minds Plan 76 ESP stabilizes you with an Economic Stabilization Plan Stipend valued at $2,000,000 - that you receive after working 76 part-time hours over 5 months. You get a house, two cars, and $17,500 monthly for 60 months - after working 76 part-time hours over 5 months.

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Four Bullet Points Outlining What Members of the "1000 Great Minds" Initiative Will Do as Part of Their 76 Hours of Part-time Work Over the Course of 5 Months:


1. Real Estate Research and Analysis:

a. Research real estate markets, trends, and buying opportunities.
b. Analyze property values, profit-producing potential, and market locations.
c. Study local regulations and zoning laws that impact real estate purchases.

2. Educational Workshops and Seminars:
a. Attend educational workshops and seminars on business and real estate and buying and management strategies.
b. Learn about wealth-producing opportunities, property management, risk assessment, and negotiation skills.
c. Engage in sessions led by experienced professionals to gain insights into more successful business and real estate practices.

3. Networking and Interactive Efforts:
a. Participate in virtual or perhaps in-person networking events to connect with fellow members.
b. Interact on group projects, sharing insights, and discussing potential business and real estate buying opportunities.
c. Share experiences, challenges, and best practices to foster a supportive community of wealth-without-debt-minded individuals.

4. Capital Production and Management:
a. Discern how to put capital to work to produce more capital.
b. Take capital and make capital.
c. Learn, create, and help to decide on the best plans for capital usage, expenditure, and outlay.

These activities collectively contribute to members' growth in comprehending business, business creation, and real estate buying, development, and management, building strong master’s and doctorate degree levels of knowledge, and actively participating in the community to collectively work towards achieving economic stabilization and wealth, as wealth creators, wealth developers, and wealth managers.

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